Press Kit

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Who We Are

Edupreneur Academy started with a group of university professors, K-12 teachers, and other education-minded professionals asking one basic question: How can we best support edupreneurs who are interested in creating innovative school models?

Our solution is three-fold:


  1. Conduct research to develop best practices for educational entrepreneurship
  2. Combine an entrepreneurial mindset with professional education
  3. Form a network of edupreneurs with the resources and knowledge to create change

Edupreneur Acadmey Boilerplate

The Edupreneur Academy offers professional education to PK-12 entrepreneurial educational leaders, or “edupreneurs,” and conducts research to develop the best practices in the areas of strategy, educational space, organization, finance, marketing, and operations for charter and private schools. It focuses on edupreneurs delivering value-quality education at an affordable price.

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