Our Team

Katherine A. Curry, Ed.D. – Co-Director

Katherine Curry is an Associate Professor in the Graduate College of Education at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She serves as Program Chair for the School Administration program in the School of Educational Studies. Her research focus includes educational leadership, school improvement/reform; parent/school/community collaboration, parent social networks, and culture/climate indicators in schools. Curry also has education administrative experience as a private school Headmaster, Middle School Principal, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction (PK-12). She holds an Ed.D. in Education Administration and Policy from the University of Oklahoma.

Ed Harris, Ph.D. – Co-Director

Ed Harris is Professor and Williams Chair of Educational Leadership at Oklahoma State University. He is currently Administrator and Chair of the Executive Committee for the Brock International Prize in Education, which finds and awards the best educational ideas and shares them with the world. During his twenty-five years at OSU, he has served as Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs; Director of Research, Extension, Technology and International Programs, and Coordinator of EDLE Domestic and International Cohorts. His primary research interests focus on school cultural, technology and society, as well as sustainable, context-based education initiatives. He received his MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Jackie Mania-Singer, Ed.D. – Fellow

Jackie Mania-Singer, is an Assistant Professor of School Administration at Oklahoma State University. She has experience as a K-12 teacher and administrator as well as a state-level director. She has researched and presented on educational issues related to curriculum studies, action research, and principal leadership. Her research interests include social network analysis, district central office transformation, and education reform. She received her Masters of Education from the University of Oklahoma and her Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University.

Becky Slothower, Ph.D. – Program Manager

Becky Slothower currently serves as a program developer/instructor for Southern Nazarene University in the new graduate degree area of special education administration. She has researched and presented on educational issues such as central office transformation, special education, and response to intervention (RtI). Currently, she represents Oklahoma as a Policy Associate for the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), and is involved in policy brief work in the areas of effective principal preparation, and principal preparation programs as it impacts special education programming. She has experience within the K-12 system serving in both general and special education administration. Becky earned her Bachelors Degree from Southern Nazarene University, her Masters of Counseling/Guidance/Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma, and her Ph.D from Oklahoma State University.

Shawn Kinder – Affiliate Researcher

Sean Kinder, Ph.D. student is a Graduate Researcher Assistant in School Administration at Oklahoma State University. He has experience as a K-12 teacher in both private and public educational settings. His research focuses on educational leadership and policy with an emphasis on disability studies related to the field of education. He is the author of the Directory of State Education Mandates for Oklahoma. He received his Master of Science from Oklahoma State University.

Shawna Richardson – Affiliate Researcher

Shawna Richardson is an eighth-grade math teacher who teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry, and currently serves on the district technology conversion team to pilot the one-to-one Google Chromebook initiative. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014 with a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. She served as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School Administration Program in the School of Educational Studies at Oklahoma State University from 2016-2017. She taught and still teaches masters-level and doctoral courses in Educational Leadership. Her research interests include supporting beginning teachers, school culture/climate, and innovation in education.