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Research Posts

New Posts – March 2018:

Principal Development: Resources Through University Partnerships

Research suggests that principal leadership is key to school success and that principal leadership is second only to the quality of classroom instruction in determining educational outcomes. Continued, professional learning is essential for sustained principal effectiveness.

Improving Schools through Cultural Symbols

Demographic, technological, and economic forces are transforming societal institutions and the ways in which people interact within them. Major challenges of twenty-first century education include adjusting to these shifts and structuring schools to improve human interaction and learning.


New Posts – February 2018:

Addressing a Common Misapplication of Systems Thinking

Research has shown, however, that school reform is anything but linear and is not dependent solely on one contributing element.  While we do not discount the importance of teacher quality in reaching student performance goals, we also recognize that there are a myriad of factors that influence student learning. Our application of systems approach takes into account those factors that can either hinder or promote student success, and it promotes utilization of educator expertise in meeting learning goals

Improving Schools in Four Cultural Contexts

In applying any strategy or idea, context is important. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to educational improvement. Instead, we need contextualized approaches, which means we must understand both the strategies we are implementing and the cultural context in which we desire to implement them.


Cultivating an Edupreneurial Mindset

Since the Industrial Revolution, threads of business thought have been intertwined with educational practice, especially in areas of management, division of labor, and organizational culture.This post lists ideas regarding how these four competencies can be transferred to the educational world.

Diverse Systems, External Conditions, and Edupreneurism

When we refer to schools as “systems,” our minds may be immediately drawn to the idea of a traditional school district. This post Katherine Curry and Ed Harris address a variety of school systems, and ways to incorporate an edupreneur mindset in ensuring all parts of the system are working to create the benefits you desire for your constituents.

The Interrelatedness of System Components

In this posts, Katherine Curry examines schools through a systems perspective by addressing of each of the components in a system.

Micro-schools, Part 1 – Introduction to Micro-Schools

A new wave of tiny schools is sweeping the country offering new options for parents, teachers, and students. Micro-schools vary in size, approach and governance.  In this post, Katherine Curry and Jackie Mania-Singer introduce the concept of micro-schools and address their potential impact.

Micro-schools, Part 2 – Designing Micro-Schools

In this follow-up to the post introducing micro-schools, Katherine Curry and Jackie Mania-Singer address how to start a micro-school, including sample models and budgets for One Room, One Cohort, Blended Learning – Grades 3-5 micro-schools and One Room, Two Cohorts, Blended Learning – Grades 3-5 micro-schools.

Three Reasons Why These Are Exciting Times for Edupreneurs

In this post, Ed Harris and Kathy Curry share three reasons why they think these are exciting times for imaginative edupreneurs.

Transfer Technology Ideas to Market: Applications for Edupreneurs

Transferring technology ideas to the marketplace is an important aspect of entrepreneurism. In this article, Ed Harris and Jackie Mania-Singer explain the notion of technology transfer as well a complementary concept, “disruptive innovations.”