Welcome to Edupreneurial Leadership

Welcome to the course:

Edupreneurial thinking is a new phenomenon. We have entered a new economy that requires creative and innovative educational leaders who understand the current changing times and have a vision for the future. In this introductory course, we begin the process of equipping people like you to be the that kind of leader. This course will explore introductory edupreneur concepts such as:

  • What Is an Edupreneur?
  • How does one Cultivate an Edupreneurial Mindset?
  • Why is Systems Thinking important?
  • What is a Logic Models for Systems Thinking?
  • What is the Edupreneur School-Strategy Model (ESSM)?

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 Course Authors:

Dr. Ed Harris is Professor and Williams Chair of Educational Leadership at Oklahoma State University. He is currently Administrator and Chair of the Executive Committee for the Brock International Prize in Education, which finds and awards the best educational ideas and shares them with the world. During his twenty-five years at OSU, he has served as Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs; Director of Research, Extension, Technology and International Programs, and Coordinator of EDLE Domestic and International Cohorts. His primary research interests focus on school cultural, technology and society, as well as sustainable, context-based education initiatives. He received his MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.



Dr. Katherine Curry is an Associate Professor in the Graduate College of Education at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She serves as Program Chair for the School Administration program in the School of Educational Studies. Her research focus includes educational leadership, school improvement/reform; parent/school/community collaboration, parent social networks, and culture/climate indicators in schools. Curry also has education administrative experience as a private school Headmaster, Middle School Principal, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction (PK-12). She holds an Ed.D. in Education Administration and Policy from the University of Oklahoma.