Welcome to Value Creation

Welcome to the course:

The fundamental purpose of a school is to create value (learning) for its students. Understanding the economics of creating value is important to the leader of any enterprise, no matter whether it makes cars, mows lawns, or educates 10 year olds. This course will present the fundamental concepts of value creation, and explore how they are applied to running a school, creation, including:

  • Marginal costs and marginal benefits
  • Decision-making at the margin
  • How the a school’s cost of inputs like teachers and building determines the school’s cost of producing its output–student learning
  • Understand how cost per student is impacted by the number of students taught

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 Course Authors:

Vance Fried: 

Vance H. Fried is founder and President of the TEL Foundation, the Eduprenuer Academy’s parent organization. Fried is Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship Emeritus at Oklahoma State University where he spent thirty years as a tenured faculty member holding endowed professorships in both Management and Entrepreneurship. Fried continues to serve Oklahoma State University as Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise.

Much of his research focuses on education innovation. Fried is the author of Better/Cheaper College, and has published several policy papers for American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, and 1889 Institute.

Prior to joining the faculty at Oklahoma State, Fried worked as an attorney in private practice, executive of an independent oil company, and investment banker working with small and mid-cap companies.

Fried was raised in Hollis, Oklahoma. He received a BS in Finance from Oklahoma State University and a JD from the University of Michigan. He is also a CPA. Fried and his wife Nancy reside in Stillwater and have two grown children.