Educational Innovation Through Entrepreneurship

Edupreneur Academy offers a course and resources for entrepreneurs looking to change traditional K-12 educational models. Whether you are looking to start a school or just understand the different options, Edupreneur Academy provides support on best practices in the areas of strategy, organization, finance, sales, marketing, and operations for innovative school models.

Edupreneur Academy Online Course

Earn a certificate and/or college credit in Edupreneur Leadership through our online course. Learn about cultivating an edupreneur mindset as well as how to create value with your educational model. Finally, put it all together by walking through exercises to identify your target market and the right operational model to reach your goals.

Edupreneur Research and Resources

Expand your understanding of educational entrepreneurship and policy related to educational innovation with our research an dcurated resources. Explore various options around micro-schools and new operational models.

Have questions about our course or about Edupreneurship in general? Send us a message through our contact page.